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I'm not sorry for my delay...

One of my favorite articles for 2022! For those of us who struggle with maintaining boundaries and over-apologizing in the on-demand digital age . This article highlights how sometimes NOT meeting others' expectations is OKAY. No apology necessary! Read more here.

How trauma-informed teaching helps kids succeed in school

Studies show that trauma can impact a child's brain development and their ability to learn.  This article identifies the important steps that some schools (um...why not all??) are taking to incorporate trauma-informed policies in an effort to counteract the long-term effects of trauma on their students. Suggestions for parents and school administrators are also provided. Read more here.

The risks of social isolation

Interesting article on the risks of loneliness and social isolation (as opposed to chosen isolation).  Studies show that perceived loneliness has negative impact on one's physical, mental and cognitive health; and the article aims to identify at-risk populations as well as interventions to help combat loneliness. Read this article, dated May 2019... and consider the pandemic was less than one year after its publication. So imagine the effects of THAT on the next study...Read more here.

The science of happiness...a free course

An 8-week FREE course on the Science of Happiness: YES PLEASE!  Sign up here.  

The 30 best mental health apps...

A compilation of some of the best apps to support your mental health practice, some of which are FREE!  Whether you're looking to start a meditation practice, to improve your sleep hygiene, or to connect with providers, use this list as a jump-off to finding the right resource for you! Peruse the list here.

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